Garreth Maybury

Project director

Garreth Maybury profile

Garreth has found his niche by joining the large Pomerleau family to help carry out  ambitious, innovative and sustainable  projects.

The feeling of being part of a big family is the first thing Garreth felt when he arrived at Pomerleau’s Calgary office in 2017. Having come from Ireland in 2012, today he is embracing the exciting challenges in Vancouver, where he moved with his wife and two children in 2019.

At Pomerleau, as a Project Director, his impact is felt in the communities of Western Canada, thanks to the innovative and sustainable projects he oversees.

For Garreth, no day is like another. With one foot on the site and the other in the office, he loves collaborating every day with our partners, our customers and the various stakeholders on the sites. With an infectious passion for his job, he supervises multiple teams and masters the art of juggling quotes, tenders, contracts and deadlines.

He's not afraid of change and unexpected twists and turns. In fact, that’s when he hits solution mode and goes into high gear.

The key to success and excellence, he says, is supporting professionals in their career evolution. With the training programs offered by Pomerleau, the team is better equipped to carry out ever more ambitious projects, which in turn allow them to grow in their careers.

“The support from senior management is exceptional. They are accessible people, who share their knowledge and are always there when you need them! Even though we work for a large reputable company, it still feels like a family. It really makes all the difference."