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Innovation, added value and collaboration: the focus of Pierre Pomerleau's speech at the CCMM

On May 6, Pierre Pomerleau, our President and CEO, visited the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montréal (CCMM) to present at the 14th Strategic Forum on Major Metropolitan Projects.

Accompanied by Stéphane Chayer, Vice-President of Siemens Canada, Pierre Pomerleau was part of a panel that addressed innovation in the construction and engineering industry. The discussion, moderated by Michel Leblanc, President and CEO Of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, was effective in challenging a number of conventions.

Technological advances in the construction industry

Among the main issues discussed during the panel was the importance and potential of the BIM-VDC methodology (Building Information Modeling - Virtual Design and Construction) in the construction industry.

This method facilitates multidisciplinary coordination and the sharing of data, in addition to opening the door to numerous cutting-edge technologies, including:

  • 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D modeling
  • Drones
  • Augmented/virtual reality
  • Laser scanning

In this era of Construction 4.0, tools like these become essential to fully optimize all stages of design. In addition, these technologies offer many advantages:

  • Design a project that better meets the needs of users
  • Optimize occupational health and safety initiatives
  • Maximize productivity and quality
  • Limit waste
  • Offer the possibility of saving time and money

Rethinking the ecosystem: fundamental to any innovation

In addition to technology, innovation also requires the collaboration of all the stakeholders involved in a project.

This is the reason Pierre Pomerleau emphasized the rigidity of the framework in which the complex construction ecosystem is currently operating. Governance, which too often resorts to restrictive implementation methods, must also be receptive to alternative collaborative approaches, such as design-build or P3. These methods democratize information for all stakeholders. Everything becomes interrelated, which significantly increases efficiency.

"The construction ecosystem is evolving. Collaboration should be encouraged between suppliers, architects, engineers, specialized partners and customers."

- Pierre Pomerleau

Therefore, everyone must do their part to encourage innovation and strive to improve. At Pomerleau, we believe that silo-based thinking and ignoring the expertise of suppliers has become the main obstacle to innovation.

"One of the major obstacles to the success of major projects is the choice of the execution method. We must prioritize methods that are in harmony with the complexity of the project and that promote transparency and collaboration."

- Pierre Pomerleau

This way of thinking goes hand in hand with the principle of Lean construction, a project management method used at many of Pomerleau's construction sites that is designed to maximize added value and reduce waste.

By merging technological innovation with new and more flexible models of governance, Pomerleau can successfully adapt to the rapid evolution of processes. It thus becomes possible to achieve perfect harmony between human and technological resources.

Pomerleau thanks all the participants of this 14th edition of the CCMM Forum and encourages all players to welcome innovation with open arms to help the construction industry move forward.


Photo credit: Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain