Pomerleau aims for the stars with its Quality Leaders program

With the goal of making quality more visible given the upcoming challenges in our industry, Pomerleau launched the "Quality Leaders" program, because every effort deserves to be highlighted, so that all employees become full-fledged players in the success of the company.

The awards, called "Astros," highlight Pomerleau's desire to reach for the stars. We are making a parallel with space exploration, which always pushes the limits. This field is always on the cutting edge of technology: the universe is literally limitless and because of the need for absolute quality, we have been able to go where no man has gone before. In our universe, Astro trophies are awarded to quality leaders.

With its "Quality Leaders" program, Pomerleau has several objectives:

  • To value good behaviour and recognize quality efforts
  • To develop pride in a job well done
  • To hold our own teams and our partners’ teams accountable to a common goal
  • To create a movement to improve our practices

To further strengthen quality efforts, each Astro award comes with a certificate and a "Quality Leader" sticker that team members can proudly display on their personal protective equipment. The Astros can be awarded on construction sites or in offices to anyone who makes a positive contribution to Pomerleau's quality guarantee.

With this program, Pomerleau hopes to create a unifying movement.

"In every action, we show that quality is part of our DNA," said Martine Proulx, Pomerleau's Quality Director, during the launch of the program. "Stand out, show that you are making a difference in quality. Share these trophies with your colleagues who make a mark through leadership, collaboration, commitment, passion, excellence--all good reasons for which their work should be recognized."