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Virtually celebrating the engagement of Pomerleau’s team members

On November 5, Pomerleau’s annual event in celebration of its members’ service anniversaries took a decidedly 2020 turn, as it was broadcast virtually to nearly 100 employees from coast to coast. 

A gourmet meal from chef Jérôme Ferrer was on the menu, and in the comfort of their home, our 2019 jubilees enjoyed an intimate celebration accompanied by a private concert by pianist Montreal pianist Jean-Michel Blais.

This year’s celebration highlighted the extraordinary commitment and engagement of 66 “jubilees.”This group includes recent Pomerleau retirees as well as active employees who marked 15, 20, 25,30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service with the company in 2019.  

“Celebrations like this not only help us stay connected in these turbulent times, but also to cement the important interpersonal relationships that keep our company growing. The Pomerleau story has always been about people – and our people will continue to shape our company, today and in the future.” 

- Pierre Pomerleau 

As a family company guided by strong core values such as love and loyalty, Pomerleau has always been proud to recognize its employees’ dedication and service over so many years. Our leaders are delighted to recognize these inspirational team members, and express our gratitude for their passion and ongoing contributions to our success.