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Heroic rescue at the Concorde Bridge worksite

At Pomerleau, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners, but also of the general public, is paramount.

The company’s continued efforts to uphold its health and safety (H&S) practices once again paid off on July 12, when a Pomerleau team rescued a kayaker in distress.

Around 8 a.m., the kayaker’s boat capsized near the Concorde Bridge worksite. Without any hesitation, the team on site intervened to rescue her. By throwing her a rope, the employees enabled the woman to break free from the strong eddies around the bridge's pillar, and after catching her breath, swim to shore.

“Quick thinking on behalf of our team allowed us to swiftly find an object long enough to reach and tow the victim out of the current,” said employees Jonathan Auclair and Evry Maikel the day after the incident.

“What’s more, we’re now fully aware of the dangers posed by the waters of the St. Lawrence River,” added Joé Dupont, another employee who played a role in the rescue.

A situation such as this clearly demonstrates the high level of training Pomerleau’s teams undergo in order to promptly act in case of an emergency on a worksite.

Executive VP - Civil & Infrastructure Daniel Lessard and Regional Director - Civil & Infrastructure Éric Labonté attended a small ceremony held at the worksite to honour the team members' heroic gesture, as well as to highlight the exemplary work demonstrated by Pomerleau teams in H&S.

“We would like to warmly congratulate our employees Jonathan Auclair, Joé Dupont, Evry Maikel, Sébastien Robin, Hugo Inkel, and Simon Dinel who responded to the kayaker’s distress call. It is thanks to their teamwork, courage and mastery of H&S procedures, that they were able to intervene so quickly.”

This story’s happy ending goes a long way in showing how deeply Pomerleau’s culture is rooted within its employees.

Every day, on each of our worksites, dangers are present. By working together, we can manage to prevent them from happening.