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The IKEA Quebec project awarded the first annual Pomerleau National Cup

Promoting industry best practices, the Pomerleau National Cup is awarded to projects successfully completed in the past year that embrace innovation, creativity, health and safety (H&S) and quality control.

In April, the first edition of the awards recognised the exceptional work performed by the construction team behind the 14th IKEA store in Canada (and the first in Quebec City).

The project won the hearts of the jury comprised of Pomerleau’s Vice Presidents. Indeed, it’s a prime example of how a construction project can be masterfully executed in accordance with the industry’s most rigorous standards.

"The high level of expertise, attention to detail and cost-effectiveness of the project are what made it a total success. Our team stuck to the schedule and maintained open lines of communication while keeping security, stakeholder expectations and project-specific standards top of mind."

- Martine Proulx, Quality Director


  • Several factors contributed to the project’s success:
  • A robust commitment to H&S and quality control by the Project Manager and the Superintendent;
  • Active involvement by subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Preconstruction meetings carried out on a recurring basis with various project stakeholders (partners, professionals, suppliers, lab experts, and clients);
  • Consistent follow-ups to meet tight deadlines; and
  • A clearly-defined quality and H&S process coupled with a rigorous documentation process.


The IKEA Quebec site embodies the Pomerleau experience: where stakeholder expectations, scheduling, H&S, quality control and cost management all perfectly converge. Such harmony can only be achieved by establishing a positive environment of collaboration. 

"The involvement of the Pomerleau team and its partners exceeded our expectations! The client performed monthly H&S audits and embraced our management methods as well as our proactivity. CNESST has recognized this project as a best practice for the industry to follow."

- Steve Ceolin, Health and Safety Director

One thing is for certain—we’ve only just begun pushing the industry's limits. You can bet that the Pomerleau National Cup will be back year after year to honour even more outstanding projects!