Community engagement program

As one of the major construction companies in Canada, our goal is to be a model of social responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our company, our communities and the economic well-being of our stakeholders. Pomerleau has put in place a Community Engagement Program to facilitate the decision-making for selecting which organizations and causes it will support. This program includes a policy and a request for a donation or a sponsorship to ensure Pomerleau:

  • Has a positive impact in the communities where Pomerleau is active.
  • Provides support in the selection of organizations and causes that align with Pomerleau's values and offer visibility in Pomerleau's strategic sectors of activities.

Completing the application form

It should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and submit your application.  In order to ensure that you complete the correct form (request for donation or request for sponsorship), here are our definitions:

A donation is a monetary contribution to registered charities for which Pomerleau will receive a tax receipt for the total amount of its financial contribution. 

A sponsorship provides monetary or in-kind support, such as services, time or material, for which Pomerleau will receive a return on investment be it through visibility, tickets and/or a tax receipt for a portion of its contribution (if the sponsorship is with a registered charity).

Some information you will require:

  •  Information on your organization, project or event, including registration number (if applicable), contact information so that we can reach you
  • Details of your request, including kind of support you seek, the amount requested, the project schedule if any, and who the beneficiaries are
  • Description of the project or program, including its goals, key dates, funding details and other partners if any

What happens after you submit your online application?

Once you have submitted your online application, a pop-up message confirming your submission will appear. You can expect a decision about your request within one month of submitting it. The response time may be longer in the case of unexpectedly high volumes of requests or if your request is incomplete and we must contact you for additional information.

Thank you for considering Pomerleau as a potential supporter of your organization. We look forward to receiving your request online.

Should you have any questions, you can contact us at