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Sustainable Development

Building means creating links between citizens. Our commitment to the communities in which we operate is therefore at the heart of our business. As one of the first construction companies to become a member of the Canada Green Building Council, we have a growing number of LEED-registered projects to our credit. Our LEED accredited professionals accompany clients seeking certification to define sustainability goals, provide cost and feasibility data, and propose sustainable building methods. In addition, our expertise in sustainable construction has expanded beyond LEED projects with Zero Carbon Building, Passive House, Green Globes, and Envision projects recently added to our diverse portfolio of projects.


Yet, building projects that serve the needs of the community and minimize environmental impacts entails a much greater commitment towards sustainability. With our Borea Construction entity, we excel at creating clean, renewable energy with the construction of large-scale wind and solar farms across Canada. We have constructed more renewable energy construction projects across Canada than any other contractor, representing nearly one third of all opportunities in Canada. As the leader in Canada in renewable energy construction, Borea Construction ensures that we are committed to sustainable development objectives and contribute to the fight against climate change.

We strive to innovate sustainable solutions to build a sustainable future for all. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to long-term, cost-effective projects that promote a better quality of life. Here's how:

  • We encourage practices that respect the environment and support environmentally responsible subcontractors.
  • Whenever possible, we choose renewable materials and local products and we hire local labour.
  • We build with appreciation for the local community and surrounding environment by minimizing construction impacts such as noise, dust, vibrations, etc.
  • We implement actions and programs to ensure continuous improvement of our environmental performance.
  • We develop expertise in sustainable construction through training, raising awareness and mobilizing staff around the deployment of initiatives and certifications in this area.
  • We cultivate a safe, healthy and collaborative workplace.

For an in-depth look into our commitment to sustainability, our Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy outlines our commitment to a greener and socially responsible construction industry. Together, we can redefine construction for a sustainable future.