Life at Pomerleau

We know that our success lies in the sum of the talents of our team. That's why we're actively working to foster your development.

We offer you:

  • a modern and rewarding family culture
  • a competitive total compensation package and benefits
  • opportunities to grow with PX3

PX3 is an ecosystem of initiatives to cultivate excellence. It is also a complete program of continuing education and career coaching from your first day to your retirement.

Find your "X" with PX3

A healthy mind in a healthy body

At Pomerleau, we have long understood the importance of wellness and take care of our family by offering:

  • an annual allowance for your sports activities
  • an active environment
  • stimulating sporting challenges

Push your limits

Time to enjoy life

Balancing work and family is essential to maintaining your balance and your performance. That's why we offer a flexible schedule that allows you to finish earlier on Fridays and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Joining our family is also ...

  • enjoying green initiatives, such as the reimbursement of your public transportation passes
  • setting yourself challenging job goals
  • turning your innovative ideas into concrete concepts with the FOX Project

And in addition, coffee and hot drinks are offered for free!