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Pomerleau Ottawa

New Fleet Maintenance Garage

June 2019

Country : Canada
Bid date : June 26 2019
Project Status : Open To Bid
The City of Kingston invites proposals from qualified general contractors to provide construction services for a new 4,020 m2 Fleet Maintenance Garage at its municipal campus at 721 Division Street. The campus currently houses the Public Works Operations Centre, the existing maintenance garage to be replaced, the Kingston Police headquarters, a sand/salt dome and seasonal maintenance equipment and vehicle storage. The new building within this RFP will be steel-framed over a structural concrete slab and deep foundation system. It will house 11 large vehicle repair bays, 5 small vehicle repair bays, a wash bay, a parts room and a small office area. The building is designed for a high level of energy-efficiency with radiant in-slab heating, ventilation air heat recovery, a high performance building envelope and LED lighting throughout targeting LEED Silver Certification.  

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Contact: Nathalie Samson
721 Division Street
Kingston, Ontario, K7K 4C2

Pomerleau Toronto

T1 Sectorization-WP2-USCBP Support

June 2019

Country : Canada
Bid date : June 03 2019
Project Status : Open To Bid


.1 Work under the Contract generally covers interior renovation work and includes the following major items of work:

.1 Building Construction

.2 Selective demolition and removal of existing building components and systems; including storage and reinstallation of designated items.

.3 Patching and making good existing building components.

.4 New construction including structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, and civil work.

Municipal Address:

Toronto Pearson International Airport
6301 Silver Dart Drive, Mississauga, Ontario.


Start : TBA
Substantial Performance of the Work by Nov 30, 2019 and total completion by Dec 30, 2019

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Contact: Ali Shaik
Fax: (416) 207-9636
Phone: (416) 207-0848 x6073
6301 Silver Dart Dr,
Mississauga, Ontario, L5P 1B2