Pomerleau celebrates 15 years and counting in Atlantic Canada

Over 100 guests gathered at our Halifax office on Thursday, October 25, 2018 to help mark Pomerleau's past 15 years and counting in Atlantic Canada. Our talented local team, together with a few colleagues from across Canada, welcomed visitors and encouraged them to roam through the office.

Guests had a chance to experience firsthand Pomerleau's unique set of values of authenticity, excellence, adaptability, innovation and love at the Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction, SmartUse Technology, Quality, Health & Safety, a "project wall" and a "people and culture wall" set up throughout the office.

Regional Director Lorin Robar expressed Pomerleau's goal to become a leading partner in construction. He said,

"Tonight is a testament of our desire to get better each day. Whether you’re an owner, consultant, trade partner, or supplier, our success is directly linked to each and every one of you. That fact is not lost on us."

President & CEO Pierre Pomerleau shared how proud the company is to have built 125 projects in the region to date, equating to almost $1 billion of projects in Atlantic Canada. He added,

"My main message to you tonight is we’re looking forward to the future with you. We have faith in the strong relationships we’ve built with you and are committed to making them stronger in the future."

Chief Executive - Talent, Culture and Leadership Francis Pomerleau expanded on the company's unique technology-driven approach to construction and desire. Francis shared,

"The use of BIM or Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design have helped evolve our business in this changing market. We want to share these great opportunities with you."