Borea Construction awarded the largest solar power project in Western Canada

Borea Construction will begin construction soon on the Brooks Solar Project in Brooks, Alberta. The 17-MW DC project will be built on 90 acres of industrial zoned land in Alberta, making it the largest solar power project in Western Canada.

"We are proud to work with Borea Construction and Elemental Energy on this landmark project for the province of Alberta," said Nigel Cockroft, General Manager of JinkoSolar (U.S.) Inc., supplier of the solar PV modules for the project.

A direct response to the concerns of global warming due to greenhouse gasses, the Brooks Power Plant is the first utility-scale solar project in Western Canada. The project aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gasses by nearing 0 emissions for every MWh produced. Additionally, it will help meet the high demand for electrical power in Alberta and subsequently provide an important and clean energy source for the province.

Borea Construction proudly maintains its commitment of being Canada’s leader in renewable energy construction by continuously working, from start to finish, on delivering a unique construction experience on all solar and wind projects.