Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP)

Pomerleau offers alternative financing arrangements based on client requirements and the nature of the project. Our custom solutions across the project life cycle include financing, design, construction, maintenance and operation help bring vital capital projects to fruition.

Value Analysis

If there are smarter, more cost-effective ways to achieve results, we will find them.

Whether it be a design change, process simplification or performance improvement, we rigorously leverage local market knowledge to present well-researched, viable alternatives.

Our approach allows clients to make informed decisions regarding impacts on the budget and schedule, operational performance and life cycle costs.


Decisions made during the pre-construction phase are key to overall project success. Pomerleau begins by listening; we ask the right questions and present innovative solutions.

Clients can then make informed decisions about budget and scope while protecting their design intent. Collaboration also helps limit the number of changes (and the associated costs) once a project is underway.

Services include:

  • Budget development
  • Constructability input
  • Value analysis
  • Baseline scheduling and sequencing
  • Procurement
  • Project approval/permit requirements


Pomerleau’s start-up and commissioning services move completed projects into operation. Through testing and verification, we ensure that all systems meet the needs of the end user and that they perform up to standard. 

Training is provided for operations and maintenance staff so that all systems function reliably and safely from day one.

Self-Performed Civil Work

Through self-performed civil work, Pomerleau offers its clients even greater control in terms of quality, flexibility, scheduling and value.

  • Surveying
  • Earthwork
  • Deep foundations
  • Formwork and concreting
  • Grout injection
  • Retaining walls
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Heavy lifting
  • Marine construction
  • Cofferdams
  • Sewers and aqueducts