Delivery Methods

We offer our clients a full range of delivery methods so that they can choose the approach that optimizes their project. Our experience is across the board: stipulated price, construction management, EPC, design-build, project management and guaranteed maximum price.

In addition, we have specific expertise in public-private partnerships. And we can even custom-design your delivery method.

Stipulated price

In the stipulated price delivery method, also known as fixed price, lump sum or “plans and specifications,” the cost of the work is firm. Clients who choose this delivery method want peace of mind. This method groups all labour, products, and services required in conformance with the client's drawings and specifications.

Pomerleau carries out the work accordingly, while overseeing labour and ensuring workplace health and safety.

Construction management

In this delivery mode, the client is provided with guidance and oversight of construction requirements, preliminary planning, scheduling and cost management. Pomerleau oversees the design team and subcontractors and suppliers to carry out the work.

Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC)

The EPC delivery method is ideal for large, complex, turnkey industrial projects delivered by one construction firm. For such a mandate, Pomerleau would undertake all services, including project engineering, procurement and construction services, often in conjunction with an engineering firm.

Project management

In the project management delivery method, a construction firm takes on the design, management and construction of a project. Advantages of this delivery method are risk mitigation, tighter controls over budget and schedule and fast-tracking. Pomerleau oversees everything from permitting and insurance to budget and schedule to selecting and managing subcontractors and consultants.

In addition, we validate the plans and specifications, manage supplier and subcontractor tendering and administer contracts.


Under this design-build delivery method, Pomerleau provides design and construction, takes on all pricing and schedule risks and is quality accountable. For fast-track projects, this is the optimal delivery method.

Guaranteed maximum price (GMP)

The GMP delivery method is an open-book contract in which the contractor is reimbursed for actual costs in addition to a fixed maximum fee. Pomerleau assumes cost overruns and in the case of savings, returns funds to the client.

Public private partnership

Pomerleau works with large-scale financial partners and facility managers to offer global solutions to public or private partners in the development of major public infrastructure projects.

Integrated project delivery (IPD)

IPD, a collaborative delivery method that is based on owner, designer and contractor engagement, focuses on waste reduction. It is based on one multi-party contract that can often include subcontractors.

The philosophy behind IPD is joint decision-making that benefits the project rather than the contract signatories. Risk and profit are shared.


Pomerleau can work outside the traditional delivery methods and adapt to the specific needs of a client. Custom arrangements can be applied to a variety of circumstances that include specific financing needs, unique project characteristics and building operation demands, among others.