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Pomerleau - Quality


It’s simple: quality leads to better performance, efficiency, client satisfaction—and exceptional results. Pomerleau has been ISO-9001 certified since 1996 and, for us, ensuring the highest standards of quality is more than adhering to requirements.

For quality to be a true differentiator, it must encompass the entire scope of the company’s operations and penetrate all levels. Quality is at the forefront of our business to ensure that Pomerleau is synonymous with excellence.

In fact, quality at Pomerleau is more than just a concept, it’s a way of doing business. In President and CEO Pierre Pomerleau’s words:

Quality for us is an attitude. I have challenged each and every employee to take ownership and improve both individually and collectively so that we are targeting the same quality objective. We all need to be participatory ambassadors on the journey towards quality excellence.

When we asked our employees what quality is about for them, we received various answers that all had the same ultimate focus: people. Quality is about building relationships and privileging communication. And in the end, it’s about satisfaction—client satisfaction.  Whether the client is internal or external, quality is about consistently delivering first-rate products and services consistently and that means tightly managing all of the steps in the quality process. Pomerleau’s Quality Management System is based on the ISO 9001 Standard, which guides every one of our projects.

Follow-up systems are ensured in every project by the project VP or director at 10%, 50%, 80% of the construction process. Internal audits, a systematic client satisfaction survey, a consultant and collaborator survey and management reviews confirm that project quality and execution meet the legal, technical and specific client requirements.

Clients chose Pomerleau not only for the quality of its work but also for the quality of its services and its employees, says Pierre Pomerleau. We set high standards and ensure that our subcontractors and suppliers adhere to these same standards in the work and materials they deliver. We check the quality of the work every step of the way and this adds up to a high-quality finished project that meets their expectations.