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Pomerleau - Lean Construction

Lean Construction

Privileges the minimization of materials waste, time and effort in the design and management of construction projects. The maximum possible value for the client is generated based on cooperation and transparency, continuous improvement and motivation and responsibility.

Lean Construction principles include the regularization of the flow of work, location-based scheduling and visual planning and tracking.

Lean’s Last Planner System enables collaborative, participative planning and pull planning (start from the final objective and “pull” what is needed). The superintendent is the “last planner.”

BIM/VDC and Lean Construction have the same objectives and are based on collaboration between and the early involvement of all project participants as well as the use of visual approaches.

The result of this combination is a pronounced positive impact on the project.

Relational contracts for optimal performance and value

These are based on the cooperation and sharing of a project’s risks and benefits between the client, the architects and the builders. The benefits are lifting barriers and encouraging creativity while providing a sound and favorable context for maximizing the positive impact of using Integrated Design, BIM/VDC and Lean Construction.