The Pomerleau Way

Pomerleau's debut goes back to 1966, in St-Georges de Beauce. Fifty years later, we are a leader in the construction industry in Quebec, and a dominant player in Canada.

With more than 4,000 employees across the country, we can undertake more than 125 projects simultaneously. Whether it's buildings, infrastructure or civil works, we deliver a wide variety of projects. We are passionate about innovation and state-of-the-art technologies, but - above all - we know how to adapt! From construction delivery methods to creative financing, we always find the best strategy.


Rethinking construction together, from idea to completion. Everywhere. All the time. Period.

Rethinking construction

We want to be the best partners in the business by constantly striving to better our relationships and our products.


We don’t pretend to do this on our own. We do it with our clients, partners and employees in a humble and open-minded way.

From idea to completion

And we do so by bringing value all along the chain—with passion and intelligence.

Everywhere. All the time

Not on only one project or in one department of our operations. But across the board.


These are more than words. This is our promise. We won’t tolerate mediocrity. We will raise the bar. Every day. No compromises.