Pomerleau receives exceptional COR audit score

Pomerleau recently achieved an exceptional score of 98.2% on its Ontario Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audit. COR is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that ensures a company’s fully-implemented safety program meets national standards. Pomerleau received its COR accreditation in Ontario in 2015.

“Pomerleau Inc. should be commended for achieving perfect marks on 16 of the 19 COR Elements,” stated the external COR Auditor. “The company scored an overall mark of 98.19%; it’s apparent that health & safety is a top priority. Positive, humble and dedicated attitudes were displayed by all Pomerleau personnel. I would like to thank the company for its cooperation and professionalism during the audit. It was a true pleasure to work with the company on this audit.”

Corey Lofft, Regional Health & Safety Manager - Greater Toronto Area said: “This achievement was made possible thanks to all of our employees actively participating in our health and safety program and processes and, most importantly, demonstrating their commitment to H&S every day. Our partners appreciate and respect the fact that we truly foster a culture of health and safety and maintaining a top COR score is testament to that!”